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Running a Quake 3 Server on a Raspberry Pi

Quake 3 is a classic, so much so that there are still servers running to this day. This is how to get a Quake 3 server to run on a Raspberry Pi – cheap and easy!

TalkTalk IPC6023 YouView FIX

TalkTalk introduced a bunch of multicast stream internet channels to their YouView box for free recently, but I, like a whole bunch of others have had various issues with the IPC6023 error and apparently by the number of topics on forums the support teams have no idea why or how to fix it. I’ve discovered how, through the power of reading everything ever.

Ice Spear Queen Support Build – Path of Exile

Ice Spear Queen Support Build – Path of Exile

I am the ice spear queen! This is my ice spear support build for Path of Exile, it does little damage but is guaranteed to freeze almost every enemy you and your party encounter while providing that nice bit of life regen to everyone. Remember though, you are a support.

Acer C120 Windows 8 How To

I recently purchased an Acer C120 pico projector for reasons I’m not entirely sure of, but I found – along with a few others on the ol’ internet that it doesn’t seem to be compatible with Windows 8/8.1 when using USB 3.0 meaning you have to resort to a USB 2.0 connection.

The errors I was getting included the 3 discs randomly connecting and disconnecting, the autoplay program running but being greeted by an error about DLCapAPI.dll not being installed on the system so the program cannot run, or that the drive the program is meant to run from simply does not exist anymore.

OpenShift missing environment variables – AHHHH.

OpenShift makes me angry, I’m getting that out there right now. Okay, so I recently had to create a snapshot of an OpenShift application so I could upgrade it from a small gear to a medium one for extra grunt, however nobody told me anything of the process other than the basic commands to create and restore the snapshot. (Shameless plug to tutorial on snapshotting)
What I ended up with was a million errors in the php.log claiming the the MySQL environment variables didn’t exist and a website that wouldn’t connect to the database. Yay. Not helpful.