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0xC000021A Windows 8.1 Won’t Boot (aka FU Windows Update)

If you’ve searched for 0xC000021A, chances are you’ve recently started your computer after some updates have “applied” and you’ve been greeted with a stupid blue screen with 0xC000021A and now you’re stuck in a boot loop. Yeah?

This is because of Windows Update, for some reason an update has broken something and caused a problem with the Windows boot process. I’m fairly certain this update is a specific one, possibly for Windows 8.1 Pro as this issue occurred on my main PC and also Surface Pro 3 but not my laptop – yet. Anyway, thankfully it’s a relatively simple fix.

Remember that recovery disk you made? You’ll need that, or because I don’t know many people who have a recovery disk, you’ll need a Windows 8.1 CD or another Windows 8.1 computer and a free USB drive.