Ice Spear Queen Support Build – Path of Exile

Ice Spear Queen Support Build – Path of Exile

I am the ice spear queen! This is my ice spear support build for Path of Exile, it does little damage but is guaranteed to freeze almost every enemy you and your party encounter while providing that nice bit of life regen to everyone. Remember though, you are a support.

That’s what you do. You walk in, freeze everything and finally shatter them into a million pieces. This build is great at keeping parties alive, I’ve had countless times where people have been saved by a good freeze to everything around them. This build is hardcore viable however you do need to be carried by a high DPS character.

The Ice Queen

You’re going to want to start off as the witch, fairly obvious as we’re going to be using lots of spells throughout. You’re going to want to grab the gems you need as early as possible so you can level them throughout gameplay.

How it Works

You cast ice spear, with it’s crazy crit chance, you gain power charges and freeze things, you use those power charges to crit more and to spend on cold snap, which freezes everything. Freeze, shatter, repeat. Oh yeah, you also triple curse that never ends. You also can’t really do chaos damage maps because your ES is half your life.

Gems Layout

Ice Spear -> Lesser Multiple Projectiles -> Power Charge On Crit Cold Snap -> Elemental Prolification -> Culling Strike Reduced Mana -> Discipline -> Clarity Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 4) -> Ice Nova -> Cold Snap


Hex Master + Whispers of Doom means you curse everything forever. Frostbite You’re made of cold damage, lets increase that. Temporal Chains Makes freezing last longer and keeps you safer. If you get a unique with +1 to curses you’re free to use anything else you like.

Skill Tree

Start by grabbing health and ES nodes, and some extra cold damage and work your way through the tree. I got hex master + whispers of doom first which turned out to be a bad idea. Other than that, there isn’t really much more to the build, just make sure you have other people around you and you can survive easily.