0xC000021A Windows 8.1 Won’t Boot (aka FU Windows Update)

If you’ve searched for 0xC000021A, chances are you’ve recently started your computer after some updates have “applied” and you’ve been greeted with a stupid blue screen with 0xC000021A and now you’re stuck in a boot loop. Yeah?

This is because of Windows Update, for some reason an update has broken something and caused a problem with the Windows boot process. I’m fairly certain this update is a specific one, possibly for Windows 8.1 Pro as this issue occurred on my main PC and also Surface Pro 3 but not my laptop – yet. Anyway, thankfully it’s a relatively simple fix.

Remember that recovery disk you made? You’ll need that, or because I don’t know many people who have a recovery disk, you’ll need a Windows 8.1 CD or another Windows 8.1 computer and a free USB drive.


WordPress wp-firewall web shell hack

Recently I discovered some interesting files on a WordPress website, these files were inside a folder called “wp-firewall” however in the WordPress plugins listing there was no such thing. Inspection of this folder revealed something I couldn’t find much about around the internet.

Running a Quake 3 Server on a Raspberry Pi

Quake 3 is a classic, so much so that there are still servers running to this day. This is how to get a Quake 3 server to run on a Raspberry Pi – cheap and easy!

TalkTalk IPC6023 YouView FIX

TalkTalk introduced a bunch of multicast stream internet channels to their YouView box for free recently, but I, like a whole bunch of others have had various issues with the IPC6023 error and apparently by the number of topics on forums the support teams have no idea why or how to fix it. I’ve discovered how, through the power of reading everything ever.

Ice Spear Queen Support Build – Path of Exile

Ice Spear Queen Support Build – Path of Exile

I am the ice spear queen! This is my ice spear support build for Path of Exile, it does little damage but is guaranteed to freeze almost every enemy you and your party encounter while providing that nice bit of life regen to everyone. Remember though, you are a support.